Nexcom PEAK-555A CPU Board. Half-Size | Pentium MMx | Socket 7 | Low Power | All-in-One Card

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Product PEAK-555A
Type Single Board Computer
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Name Value
BIOS Award System BIOS. Plug & Play support. Advanced Power Management support. Advanced Configuration & Power Interface support. 2M bits flash ROM.
Board Type Half Size
Cache Memory 512KB Pipeline Burst SRAM cache memory
Chip Set SIS 530/5595 PCI chip set. 66/100MHz socket 7 CPU support. UMA Graphics with 3D/DVD acceleration. PCI V2.1 compliant.
CPU Support Intel Pentium MMX CPU up to 266MHz (low power CPU supported). Other compatible socket 7 CPU (AMD K6, K6-2, Cyrix 6x86MX) support up to 450MHz. 66/100MHz external clocks
Dimensions 185mm(L) x 122mm(W)
Main Memory Support SDRAM memory up to 512MB (Max.) 168 pin DIMM socket x 2
On Board I/O Winbond W83977 Super I/O on board SIO x 2, with 2 x 16C550 UARTs, 9 pin D-type x 1, 10 pin connector x 1, PIO x 1, Bi-directional, EPP/ECP support, 26 pin connector x 1, Floppy disk controller: 5.25" 360KB/1.2MB, 3.5" 720KB/1.2MB/1.44MB/2.88MB support, 34 pin x 1, 40 pin x 2 On chip keyboard, mouse controller, PS/2 keyboard, 6 pin mini DIN x 1 for keyboard and mouse, 5 pin header x 1 On board USB port x 2 with 6 pin header x 1. On board buzzer x 1. On board 2 pin header for reset SW, 4 pin for speaker, 5 pin for keylock On board 4 pin power connector for stand alone applications
On Board LAN MXIC 98715 Ethernet controller 10 Base T/100 Base TX support, full duplex Complies with PCI V2.1, IEEE802.3, IEEE 802.3U
On Board RTC High precision real time clock/calendar with battery back up
On Board Solid State Disk Socket On board reserved socket for DOC of M-systems: 2MB~144MB, etc
On Chip VGA SIS 530/5595 VGA controller on die. 64 bit/100MHz host interface. Shared memory 2MB, 4MB, up to 8MB. Maximum Res. Color & Refresh Rate.
PCI IDE Hard Disk Interfaces support up to four enhanced IDE devices up to mode 4 PIO and mode 2 DMA Master also support Ultra DMA/33/66
Power Requirements +5V: 10A (Max.) +12V: 20mA (Max.)
Processor Intel Pentium MMX
System Architecture Half size SBC with ISA Golden finger. All socket 7 CPU support, 66/100MHz external clocks
Watchdog Timer 1,2,4...64 seconds time-out intervals


  • 512KB P.B. SRAM cache
  • 512MB SDRAM (Max.) memory support,
  • 66/100MHz socket 7 external bus
  • Adaptec 7880 Ultra Wide SCSI Controller (option)
  • DIMM x 2
  • Half-size ISA bus SBC
  • Intel Pentium MMX up to 266MHz, AMD K6 up to 450MHz
  • ISAMAX support
  • MXIC MX98715 10/100 Base Ethernet Controller
  • On board socket for DiskOnChip up to 144MB
  • SIS 530/5595 PCI set (VGA controller on die)


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How easy is it to obtain PEAK-555A?

The PEAK-555A is no longer being produced, so supply is limited. Here at GID, we are able locate and acquire difficult to find products. The time required to receive the part can vary, with an average of 5-7 business days.

What does the PEAK-555A typically cost?

Several factors can influence pricing: requirements for delivery, availability of the part, and shipping times. GID Industrial is pleased to offer competitive pricing and the best in customer service. To receive a quote or more information for the PEAK-555A, please contact us today.

Is there a warranty or refund policy for this product?

All products offered by GID are backed by a 30-day warranty, including refunds and exchanges, with extended warranties available. Each product is guaranteed to be covered by GID throughout the life of its warranty.

I'm an international company. Can we still do business together?

Certainly! Our customer base is global. With few exceptions, we can ship anywhere in the world.

What payment options are available for purchasing the PEAK-555A?

Wire transfers, company checks, and major credit cards are the main payment options we offer at this time. On request, we also work with escrow companies.

Which carriers handle your shipping?

We are flexible. FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS are our main carriers. However, if you request an alternate option, we are open to working with other carriers to better serve you.

Does GID Industrial have a repair service?

We do provide repair services for this product. Our team of engineers is experienced with the PEAK-555A and is able to examine, diagnose and repair it quickly and efficiently. Please contact us today to learn more about our repair services.

Is the PEAK-555A tested before it's shipped?

Of course! GID Industrial is able to fully test obsolete products. We can provide a reliable diagnosis and include a test report with most of the orders shipped.

Can you assist in lifecycle management of the PEAK-555A?

Absolutely! Managing lifecycles of industrial parts and equipment is a service we excel at. Our specialty is tracking the lifecycle of industrial products from production to obsolescence. We phase out obsolete parts and try to introduce next-generation products when possible.

Do you provide assistance in moving large quantities of obsolete inventory?

Absolutely. Moving excess product is something we help companies with all of the time. More often than not, equipment that has reached the end of its life span is disposed of as scrap material. We strive to help companies obtain top market value for extra equipment they need to get rid of. GID can help with PEAK-555A as well as a myriad of other products needing disposal services.

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